Sceletium drops works faster and more
effective than any pill or capsule.
Sceletium liquid ectract will give desired results within a couple of minutes. No Sceletium pill or capsule can do the same. A couple of drops is all you need.
Using Sceletium drops is closer to the traditional method of use where the plant was chewed and spat out. This way you get the juice without the chewing. ...more
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Sceletium Product Highlight

* Sceletium is harvested on one of our farms in South Africa. Our cultivations are already in its 11th year. This ensures continued supply and top grade aged Sceletium with the highest active content.
* All our Sceletium Drops is manufactured in a GMP facility, Vegetarian and Kosher certified. Only the highest grade Sceletium is selected and processed for our product. Export to the USA is regulated and all of our Sceletium is tested at an independent laboratory. Unlike other
companies we go the extra mile to bring our clients the purest and most efficient product.
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Sceletium Certification

All material in our products is certified by an independent laboratory.
* Best price.
* Drops work faster!
* Drops work more effective!
* Pure South African Sceletium
* 30 grams per bottle
Out of all the legitimate Sceletium products on the market our Sceletium product
ranks best priced. But wait, there is a suprise! Read below!
Don't take our word that our product is the best.
Read all the facts so you can benefit from the best
Sceletium product on the market.
We have taken real products, reputable products and compared them to our top ranking Sceletium Drops. The graph on the left is sorted via price. Our product ranks with the best priced product available.The main difference between our product and the other same priced ones is that ours have 90 odsages per bottle where theirs only have 60.

This means you get more bang for your buck, but in reality you cannot even compare the two products, our Sceletium Drops have 27,000 mg more Sceletium per bottle . Read below.
We have the most active Sceletium in our product than any other Sceletium product on the market. Our delivery system is better than capsules or pills and is more effective.
Not only do we have the best price and the most dosa-
ges per bottle, we have the highest mg Sceletium too!
If you look on the right you will find a chart displaying Sceletium active mg per bottle. Our Sceletium drops or Kanna Drops is the highest ranking. We have the most Sceletium packed into the smallest bottle.

Kanna drops with it's superior delivery system, liquid Kanna absorbs faster and is more effective than any capsule or pill. How can this be? We grow our own Sceletium tortuosum so that we can give our clients the best product at the best price.

All Sceletium in our Sceletium Drops is certified by an independent laboratory ensuring only pure and potent natural effects.
What is Sceletium?

Sceletium is the short name for the now popular stress relief and mood enhancing product that is quickly sweeping across the West. The product is derived from a natural plant Sceletium tortuosum. It is a suculent which is indegenous to South Africa. For more info view the Sceletium Info Page.
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